7 Cheap Ways to Light up your Student Home


Independent living is one of the most exciting prospects for any student who is moving away from home. It’s time to write your own rules and that includes deciding how to furnish and decorate your digs with the right lamps or lights. Here we offer 7 cheap ways to light and brighten up your student home.

A student reading a black text book preparing for uniA student reading a black text book preparing for uni

Reading Lamps

So fresher’s week is over and whilst the wild nights of fun and frolics may be set to continue, it’s also time to start some serious studying. Working at home can be made all the more comfortable and enjoyable if you’re working in good light. Reading lamps are a student staple, plus they’re inexpensive so provide real value for money. The most common position for a reading lamp is, of course, a desk, however, bedside tables and other low-rise pieces of furniture all enter the mix.

Novelty Lamps and Light Shades

The notion may sound a bit naff when first considered, but novelty lamps offer you a way to express yourself and have some fun without breaking the bank – that student loan needs to last! You’d be amazed by just how many different designs are out there to choose from; bubble lamps with floating fish, white rabbit lamps with diamante shades or a chrome ice cube touch table lamp – so go crazy and purchase the perfect talking point for those notorious student house parties.


Candles and Candle Bulbs

Used safely, candles provide a warm flickering light that’s simply unmistakable. For dinner parties, romantic encounters or when chilling out, candles help make your home more inviting and relaxing. You can create a similar vibe, but without the fire hazard, by investing in some candle effect bulbs – try matching them with a gothic style lamp and light fitting for added student appeal.  

Broadway style letter light showing the letter on a chest of drawersBroadway style letter light showing the letter on a chest of drawers
Fairy lights glowing at nightFairy lights glowing at night

Fairy Lights

Draping a string of fairy lights in a strategically selected spot is a great way to add some ambiance to your student home. Popular places to put fairy lights include over a fireplace or behind a bed, but what is really key here is to have some fun, be creative – take two, or more, sets of fairy lights, for example, pin them to the ceiling and let them hang freely or pin some around a door frame. Fairy lights come in all manner of shapes and styles, so you can go for a theme or something more random, abstract.


Party Lighting

Get the party started in style by picking up some swanky lights and then bust a groove to your favourite tunes. Party or disco lights don’t have to cost the earth, but they do have a huge impact – look out for coloured flashing strip lights or go retro with a budget mini mirror ball.

Floor Lamps

Whether lighting a dark corner of a room or providing an armchair with some extra light, floor lamps are remarkably versatile, easy to move and cheap to power. Adjustable floor lamps give you even more scope for manoeuvre and can be placed anywhere in the home except the bathroom.


Coloured Bulbs

Coloured bulbs take cheap lighting to a whole new level. Transform any living room, bedroom or even a kitchen with a little colour. Things to think about include colour temperature, student accommodation can be cold and so choosing a warm colour, such as orange, will make the place feel warmer and also create a dramatic effect – “shall we retire to the red room?” 

It’s also worth noting that using LED bulbs in your student home can save you stacks of cash, up to 90% on your lighting energy bill in fact and they also mean you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Floor lamp ideas for studentsFloor lamp ideas for students

Student life is all about work, rest and play and so get switched on and make sure your student house shines with some fantastic lighting.