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Your hallway lighting should be inviting and safe. Lighting in hallways is extremely important for first impressions of your home since it’s the first area of your home your guests will see. Visitors should feel welcome, getting a positive feeling for the atmosphere in the connecting rooms. Lighting is vital for creating a relaxing atmosphere right from the start.

Hallway lighting should be both functional and energy-efficient, providing various light sources that give the hallway a strong structure, making it easier for guests to position themselves. Reflector lamps are also ideal for directing the light to exactly where you need it. Fixtures with motion sensors are also a great option for providing high quality lighting whilst saving you money on electricity.

Safety is of high importance in stairwells. They should be illuminated well, providing brightness without reflections to ensure safe passage up and down the stairs. Fixtures with motion sensors will help provide adequate light without dramatically increasing your household budget. Below are key ways to optimise your hallway lighting.


Spotlights are great for providing directional light, highlighting important areas within the hallway. Fixtures should be positioned so there is no blinding glare. You should take into consideration the eyelines of the people using the room.

Stairwell Lighting

Fixtures installed at the top of stairwells or step lights integrated in walls provide ideal safe lighting for the stairs. Step lights illuminate each step separately and make stairwells look particularly attractive, creating a pleasant and safe atmosphere, highlighting materials used, presenting them in a flattering light.

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Ceiling /Wall Lighting

The general light within the hall should provide a uniform bright illumination for both the stairwell and hallway areas. Hallways appear larger and more welcoming if the light is directed at the ceiling and walls. Adding a ceiling or wall fixture will compliment your general lighting whilst providing a decorative feature within your home.


Mirror Lighting

It is in the hallway that we often take a quick glance in the mirror to check our appearance before going out. Mirrors in hallways should therefore always be properly lit. LED fixtures save energy, providing a warm white light. Innovative designs can also attract attention, creating an eye catching feature point. LED lamps produce high-quality light for optimum illumination, creating a pleasant soft light.