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How to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

You only have to take a look at your favourite social media channels, like Instagram, to realise that, for many, luxury still holds great value. The internet is awash with pictures of expensive watches, cars, clothes and of course homes. And whilst only a select few can afford a Rolex or a Lamborghini, there are things we can all do to make our homes feel more luxurious without breaking the bank.

Let the Light In

No matter which room of the home you are focusing on, getting the light right can make the world of difference and enhance your homes lux appeal. Start by ensuring you maximise the amount of natural light that the room gets and then look at using a range lights and lamps for when the sun goes down.

A combination of thoughtfully placed floor and table lamps is a must and will complement the ceiling and wall fixtures you have in place. Flexibility is key with interior lighting and so make sure you have a range of options to suit any occasion – it’s all about ambiance and warmth.

Wonderful Window Dressing

Whether it be European-style shutters, plush curtains or chic blinds, the way in which you dress your windows plays a vital role when it comes to making a room feel more luxurious. Window dressings should complement the style and period of the property and also work within a well thought through colour scheme.

Get the Colour Balance Right

Avoid “moments of friction” by choosing a colour palette consisting of no more than three colours. This foundation to your rooms décor can then be built upon, adding splashes of colour through the use of soft furnishings such as cushions and through the use of photographs, paintings and ornaments. 

Consider Cosy Carpets

Whilst wooden floorboards are wonderful, when it comes to making a living space more luxurious, there’s no substitute for carpet. Whether you choose to go wall-to-wall with a woollen style carpet or something a little more Scandi, like Seagrass, carpets bring warmth and comfort to a room. Alternatives include using large rugs, leaving just a small boarder of exposed floorboards or using a number of carefully considered smaller rugs.

Check Out Chic Chandeliers

A blog post about making your home more luxurious wouldn’t be complete without mentioning chandeliers. Chandeliers make for fantastic centrepieces and terrific talking points and no matter what style you opt for chandeliers screen opulence, but that doesn’t mean to say you have to pay through the nose to get one – try looking at vintage chandeliers and new products to see how the costs compare before you invest.

Finding What Works Best for You

Like any other home decorating project, making your home feel more luxurious is all in the planning, check out social media, magazines and even the homes of friends and family for ideas. Think about the style and period of your home and how particular colours textures and lighting can make a massive difference and leave your home feeling like your own little piece of heaven.

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