How To Safely Clean Your Light Fittings


It makes sense now we’ve said it but how many people clean their light fittings and bulbs. Cleaning your light fittings regularly not only keeps them looking good but letting dust and dirt build up on your lightbulbs can waste energy and significantly reduce the light output.

It goes without saying but, make sure you’ve switch off or unplugged any light fittings and allowed them to cool down before going crazy with the duster. Also, always avoid using harsh, abrasive chemicals on light fittings as they can damage the finish.

If you are dismantling any part of your fitted or electric light to clean it, it’s wise to switch off the mains electric before dismantling – no electrocutions please. 


Dust can be the biggest pain if it’s built up on fabric shades. One trick we’ve learnt is to banish the dust using a lint roller or upholstery brush. This is a quick and easy way of dispelling the dust from smooth lampshades. For textured lampshades, use a feather duster or lightly hoover the shade. For dust on metal or plastic light fittings, DO NOT use abrasive cleaners. Simply use a lint free cloth, a bowl of warm water and some washing up liquid to wipe over the light.

TOP TIP: Spraying a little bit of air freshener on your fabric lampshade will keep you living room or bedroom smelling beautiful.


Grease not only looks unattractive but when your light is turn on, it can give off an awful smell. Luckily, washing up liquid is cuts through grease and cleans quickly. Simply add a teaspoon of your favourite washing up liquid to a bowl of warm water and soak a microfibre cloth in the solution. Wring it out and wipe your light fitting clean. Dry with a second microfibre cloth.

 Hand wringing out out sponge in bowl of warm soapy water


Chrome light fittings

Is there anything more annoying than your beautiful chrome light losing its shine and looking dull?! Luckily, chrome light fittings can be bought back to life with our old favourite, a white vinegar and water solution. First, wipe any loose dust off with a dry micro fibre cloth then soak a new cloth in your white vinegar and water solution and wipe over the chrome fitting. Dry with a new microfibre cloth and your light should be good as new.

 TOP TIP: Tumble dryer sheets contain a mild cleaning solution, use these with an even pressure to dissolve soap scum stains.


Glass lights fittings

Glass is best cleaned with a white vinegar and water solution and lights are no different. Mix a solution of three parts water and one-part vinegar, soak a micro fibre cloth in the solution and wipe clean. For tough dirt and grime, dismantle your light fitting so that you’re left with just the glass part and soak in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes, wipe down with a micro fibre cloth and then dry with a dry cloth or kitchen roll.

Don’t be tempted to put them in the dishwasher or spray any products directly onto the light, we don’t want any broken glass, thank you!

 Cleaning products in living room with lamp in background


Cleaning downlights

Cleaning downlights might be easier than you think. Make a mixture of one-part white vinegar and three parts water, the vinegar will cut through any kitchen grease or bathroom water marks. Then remove the bulb and wipe the fitting with a lint free cloth soaked in the solution making sure to avoid the metal. Wait until your fitting is completely dry before replacing the bulb.


Cleaning light bulbs

Simply remove the light bulb from the holder and clean off any dust on your light bulbs with a lint free cloth. For grease and grime, use a cloth to wipe over the glass (not the metal) and dry immediately. Please ensure that the entire lightbulb is dry before returning it to its lamp holder.

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