Worktops Beneath the Spotlight: 3 Shining Style Ideas


Arguably the busiest room in your home, your kitchen is where breakfast conversation is created and dinner time mess is made. So, when it comes to creating a kitchen interior designed to highlight all the best bits of your vibrant, communal room, picking a kitchen worktop guaranteed to shine under your lights after years of food prep will make all the difference to your home’s aesthetic.


That’s why, in today’s post, we’re helping you to explore a variety of worktop and lighting combinations that aim to present your kitchen in the very best light - literally! From picking ceiling fixtures that give off a warm glow onto the kitchen island beneath them, to strategically choosing contemporary appliances that reflect light onto every inch of your kitchen surface, we’re looking at 3 key ideas to help your kitchen shine.

Blue Ceiling Lamp Shade on a White Background

 Keep it classy with white

For those of you striving for a crisp and clean interior finish in your kitchen, a completely white design will inevitably add a natural lightness to your space. This look is particularly suited to those with smaller kitchen spaces as any light - natural or artificial - that is provided in the room will be able to highlight the entire area and therefore emphasise the available space. However, an all-white room does have the potential to look a little cold and bare. So, we suggest installing a solid quartz worktop and opting for warmer light fittings in order for your kitchen to exude elegance as opposed to emptiness. To complement your quartz top, try using brushed chrome shade finished with a warm, yellow bulb to inject a homely feel into your room without deflecting the attention away from your other fittings and appliances. Want to take this look one step further? Opt for a marble-effect surface and light wood ornaments. Not only do these tones and materials complement each other and look beautiful, but will leave your kitchen feeling less like a showroom photograph and more like the idyllic home you intended it to be.

Black Copper Lights on a Kitchen Counter

 Be bold with black

Contrastingly, if a totally white area fills you with the fear of potential spillages and stains, then a darker toned kitchen might be more up your street. Incorporating either a polished black surface or a stylish matt-finished worktop topped with glistening appliances will make your kitchen exude contemporary chic for years after the initial installation. Why stop there? Continue the noir theme throughout the room and don’t be afraid to match your black surface with black cabinets and similarly dark floors. Or, alternatively, opt for a fashionable, monochrome interior by adding in sharp white ornaments or kitchen features against your black kitchen. When it comes to putting your own interior stamp on your kitchen, don’t be afraid to go with your gut and run with a theme. By introducing a night-sky theme into your space and complementing your black design with bright white spotlights - either dotted randomly around the room or in a thought-out alignment - your room will boast elegance, making it ideal for social gatherings throughout the year.

 Consul Ceiling Spotlight in Black Chrome

 Consul Spotlight in Black Chrome

 Portishead Copper Ceiling Pendant Shade

 Portishead Copper Pendant Shade

 Angus 4 Way Bar Ceiling Spotlight in Grey

 Angus 4 Way Bar Spotlight in Grey

 Arco Ceiling Pendant Shade in Grey and Copper

 Arco Pendant Shade in Grey and Copper

Granite worktop

Strive for rustic chic with neutral tones

For a homely, rustic interior sure to inject a down-to-earth feel into your family kitchen, we suggest opting for the one-of-a-kind patterns found in a granite worktop. With so many different variations of tone and colour within each slab of granite, this sturdy, natural-looking stone will easily complement a whole host of accompanying kitchen appliances - no matter your style. When choosing the perfect lighting option to make sure your worktop sparkles, consider incorporating copper and gold fittings throughout your kitchen to contrast against the darker, earthier colours contained within the granite. We suggest using a copper ceiling fitting to add depth to the warmth of your kitchen and what’s more, this stylish shade looks great with all natural granite tones - from emerald greens and bold blacks to muted browns. Your kitchen is the heart of your home - filled with memories of home-cooked meals in the winter and barbeque preparations come summer. Therefore, when it comes to building a kitchen interior that invites you in day after day, year after year, creating a design that makes you feel welcome is a key part of the home design process. No matter your personal style or taste, considering the impact your lighting and kitchen worktop have on one another is a small but sound-proof way of giving your kitchen interior the thought it deserves.


Author bio: Sophie Armstrong is a content creator for granite and quartz worktop specialists Burlington Granite, who provide a full bespoke worktop solution by offering templating, cutting, polishing and fitting, all driven by 25 years of industry experience