How Do Touch Table Lamps Work


Touch-sensitive bedside lamps have been a bit of a revelation, no more fumbling around in the dark trying to find a tiny switch, just reach out, touch the lamp and on it comes. Often we take this kind of new technology for granted and never really take the time to find out how it works. Well, in this instance curiosity has got the better of us and so here we explain how touch-sensitive bedside lamps work.

modern chrome touch table lampmodern chrome touch table lamp

No Compromise on Style

Just as with traditional switch operated lamps, touch bedside lamps are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and so choosing one doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Looking for a pair of teardrop touch lamps with blush pink shades? No problem! Interested in a crackle glass ball lamp base in chrome or an Aztec pyramid lamp? You got it!!

Why Buy a Bedside Touch Lamp?

In any instance, having touch lamps at your bedside is a great idea – why? Well mainly because you can switch them off without having to get out of bed, however, touch bedside lamps offer more than just good looks and comfort, they’re also really practical. Most touch lamps are dimmable and have four settings; off, low, medium and high, so you can get the lighting levels in your bedroom just right.


What Type of Bulbs to Use?

It’s worth noting that touch-sensitive lamps that are dimmable require a dimmable bulb or LED equivalent. Factor this in when you’re planning to buy a touch lamp and avoid the disappointment of setting up the lamp at home only to realise that you need to buy a bulb before you can use it.

Buying Pairs of Touch Lamps for the Bedroom

Buying pairs of touch lamps for the bedroom makes a lot of sense, particularly if they are intended for a bedroom where there’s a double bed and a couple sharing the space. Having a lamp on each side of the bed means you have better light for reading, your lamp is easier to reach and you have dual control – one lamp can be brighter or dimmer as required.


Here’s the Technical Bit

How do touch bedside lamps work? As you’ll have gathered by now touch lamps don’t have an external switch, instead they operate when touched by a human hand. When touched the lamp’s internal switch is activated, this is because the circuitry is wired to the body of the lamp, the first touch switches the lamp on, touch again and you begin to control the dimmer.

So, if you are looking for bedside lamps that are elegant, stylish, that give you great control and are also super practical, look no further, a touch lamp is the only way to go – whether you understand the way that they work or not.