Living Room Lamp and Light Shades

Would we call lamp shades a cheat code?

Yeah, yeah we probably would. Lamp shades are the unsung heroes of the lighting and interior décor world, and we won’t stand for it! Living room lamp shades give you an all-around easy option to breathe a little life into your lounge. From changing up colour schemes to modernising, lamp shades hold all the power of a total transformation. And it’s the most budget friendly option for a revamp. No need to faff around with installations, no wiring worries, everything you need is already there and ready to be decorated with a lamp shade that can bring your space to life. Of course, if you were craving that new lamp feeling, we would completely support you getting a brand new floor lamp or table lamp for your living room too. In fact, a good shade has never hurt a ceiling light either. If you’re thinking, ‘yeah, lamp shades are good, but I want to go bigger’… we’ve got a blog for that, so check out our lounge lighting ideas!

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