Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lights can be key to making your bedroom appear larger, giving it a mood and style whilst adding value. The bedroom isn't just for sleeping. It's where you settle down to watch a movie, finish off any work, or face the day in the morning. And whether you’re looking for table lights, a single pendant light, or a cluster light, you're sure to find something here that suits your need.


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  1.  Hudson Pendant Shade in Chrome and Smoked Grey
    Hudson Pendant Shade
  2.  Diablo Black Pendant Shade
    Diablo Pendant Shade
    £6.99 Regular Price £14.99
  3.  Childrens Pterodactyl Pendant Shade in White
  4.  Rutherford Copper Pendant Shade
    Rutherford Pendant Shade
  5.  Butterfly Multi-Coloured Pendant Shade
    Butterfly Pendant Shade
  6.  Hudson Intertwined Floor Lamp in Chrome and Clear
  7.  Jesmond Dusty Pink Pendant Shade with Clear Droplets
  8.  Childrens Stegosauras Pendant Shade in White
  9.  Childrens Aeroplane Pendant Shade
  10.  Sadira Star Pendant Shade in Copper
    Sadira Star Pendant Shade
  11.  XL Monza Weaved Pendant Shade in Grey
  12.  Davenport K9 Crystal Table Lamp with White Shade
  13.  Small Monza Weaved Pendant Shade in Grey
  14.  Football Pendant Shade in Black and White
    Football Pendant Shade
  15.  Childrens Dinosaur Pendant Shade
  16.  Nero Floor Lamp with XL Mustard Aspen Shade
    Nero Floor Lamp with xL Aspen Shade
    £81.99 Regular Price £98.99
  17.  Lorenzo Grey Pendant Shade With Copper Trim

53 products

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