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Bringing in blush pink - how to incorporate blush pink into your home

Shades of Blush Pink 

Blush pink is everywhere at the moment. From chunky knit blankets to accent chairs now is as good a time as any to bring in some blush pink bits but it can be hard thing to do when you’ve already decided on your colour scheme and don’t want to completely redecorate your living room. So we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to incorporate this millennial colour into your home based on some of the most popular interior styles. 

White and Copper or Chrome

Copper and blush pink are a match made in interior heaven. The rawness and shine of the copper is perfectly complimented by the warmth and femininity of the pink. The easiest way to bring in blush pink to a room that already has copper or chrome features is to introduce an accessory that includes both. Our Camden Brushed Chrome Floor Lamp with Large Blush Pink Shade is the perfect basic staple floor lamp with dusty pink shade adding a modern and feminine twist. A floor lamp is a great and stylish way to introduce different levels of light which is an interior YES.

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Our immensely popular Camden Brushed Chrome Floor Lamp with Large Blush Pink Shade is in the sale and guaranteed to impress your guests.

We love our Jubilee Table Lamp, inspired by ancient mosaics of Italy, the terrazzo effect base makes this lamp dreamy for any bedroom. 


Blush pink is the perfect shade to compliment grey. The warms of the pink make your grey walls or sofa feel less cold. Swap out grey curtains for blush pink alternatives to instantly introduce a blush pink statement.

If you love your grey curtains too much or blush pink curtains are too much a bold move, you could incorporate this warm hue by picking up a blush pink blanket and draping it over the side of your sofa or bed.

A third way to add blush pink into your home is by changing up your lamp shades. Our Dusty Pink Lamp Shades start at £8 for a small and are a great way to warm up any grey room. You could use these shades over your main ceiling light fitting (use a large shade for a larger room) or update your table or floor lamp shades. 

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Our Pink Cloud pendanct shade in dusty pink is popular for children's bedroom decor  

If you’re thinking of adding blush pink to your bedroom the bedding is the perfect way to do it especially if you have a copper or chrome bedframe. If you’re a bit fearful of the pink (or you have protesters) you can pick up a pink sheet or scatter cushions to gently introduce the theme. For tips on how to make the perfect bed, see our blog post.

Finally, if you’re ready to go all in blush pink why not take the plunge and create a blush pink feature wall? Feature walls look best when they’re created behind the focal point of the room. For a bedroom this is the wall that the bed is against, for a living room, this could be the wall with a chimney or before your main sofa. You can create a blush pink feature wall relatively easily by simple painting the wall pink or if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, check out this funky feature wall by @vintageirishkat. If you’re only feeling a little bit of blush pink but still want a feature wall, how about dusting off your wallpaper table and investing in this Malachite Silk Wallpaper by Anna Glover.


We know what you’re thinking, ‘pink? In the kitchen?!’. Yes, pink in the kitchen. While scrolling through Pinterest, we discovered this image of pink tiles in the kitchen and immediately thought of Amy from @at_home_at_170 and this image. We simply love this nod to blush pink in the kitchen. These gloss hexagon tiles in Baby Pink from Tiles Direct would be the perfect way to add pink to your kitchen.  

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and go all out with tiles and are looking for something a bit subtler then while not hang wallpaper inside your kitchen cupboards? This is a simple and cost-efficient way introduce blush pink into your kitchen.

For those of you with kitchen diners that don’t have a knack for DIY or you want to keep costs down, how about simply updating or picking up some blush pink cushion covers for in the dining room?   

If you’re after a January investment to ease the January blues, why invest in a brand-new pink appliance to incorporate blush pink into your kitchen. We’ve added our favourites below.  


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Teal or navy feature wall

Teal or navy coloured walls are already the perfect statement that stands the test of time through all seasons. They’re also the perfect colour to team with blush pink. If you’re looking for a really big statement to contrast your teal or navy walls, then how about reupholstering your sofa? This is a relatively economical way to change up your sofa without having to invest in a new one.

If you’re not keen on reupholstering your sofa how about adding a blush pink floor lamp like our Charlie with Dusty Pink Shade? The pink will perfectly compliment the navy or teal wall and the black base will look sleek and stylish without taking anything away the combination.