Bedroom Ceiling Lights

One of the most important rooms in the house, our choice of bedroom lighting is as wide as it is at giving you value and quality. We are no-nonsense, so we source direct to keep costs down and prices low. There are bedroom lights to set the mood and lights to give you extra brightness. We've layered lights, tassle lights, silver crystal lights, bedroom pendant shades, and more.

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  1. Hudson Intertwined Pendant Shade Chrome Grey
    Hudson Pendant Shade
    £19.99 Regular Price £29.99
  2. Reyka 3 Way Cross Over Ceiling Light
    Reyka 3 Way Ceiling Light
    £14.99 Regular Price £19.99
  3. Hudson 3 Way Crystal Pendant Ceiling Light
  4.  Hampshire 5 Tier Dusty Pink And Grey Pendant Shade
  5. Gothica 8 Way Ceiling Chandelier Chrome
    Gothica 8 Way Chandelier Light
    £59.99 Regular Price £69.99
  6. Kelsks Pendant Shade Chrome and Clear
    Kelsks Pendant Shade
  7. Ducy 3 Way Ceiling Light Chrome
    Ducy 3 Way Ceiling Light in Chrome
    Special Price £23.99 Regular Price £24.99
  8. J90 Pendant Shade Black and Grey
  9. Hudson 3 Way Crystal Flush Ceiling Light
  10. Weaver Pendant Shade Grey and Dark Grey
    Weaver Pendant Shade
  11. Astley 3 Way Swirl Ceiling Light Chrome
  12.  Memphis Twist 5 Way Ceiling Light in Brushed Chrome
  13.  5 Way Chandelier in Black
    5 Way Chandelier
  14. Jesmond Dusty Pink Pendant Shade with Clear Droplets
  15. Small Ducy Pendant Shade
    Small Ducy Pendant Shade
  16. Hacienda Intertwined Pendant Shade Brushed Chrome
  17. Claudia 5 Way Ceiling Light Chrome
  18.  Sadira Star Pendant Shade in Copper
    Sadira Star Pendant Shade
  19. Reyka 5 Way Ceiling Light Chrome
  20.  Varuna IP44 Chandelier with Glass Droplets
  21. Blossom 5 Way Ceiling Light Chrome
  22. Mia 3 Way Ceiling Light Chrome

48 products

per page