We supply an extensive range of cut price stylish and practical ceiling spot lights. Our range of modern spot lights include bar lights, plate spot lights, curved and round spotlights, flexible bar lights, single, and more. A range of these are suitable for use on both domestic and office spaces. Most of our spot lights are adjustable so you can direct the light source to where you need it, making everyday tasks easier. Many of our lighting products are also IP rated, suitable for bathroom and kitchen use, and outdoor.

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  1. Consul 6-Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting Chrome
    Consul 6 Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting
    £5.99 Regular Price £12.99
  2. 3 Way Round Benton Spotlight Cement Finish
    Benton 3 Way Ceiling Spotlight
    £5.99 Regular Price £14.99
  3. Rosie 6-Way Ceiling Spotlight Black Chrome
    Rosie 6 Way Ceiling Spotlight
    £29.99 Regular Price £33.99
  4. Benton IP44 3-Way Ceiling Spotlight Chrome
  5.  Consul Chrome 6 Way Plate Spotlight
    Consul 6 Way Bar Spotlight
  6. Retro Eyeball 6-Way Flexible Spotlight Bar Chrome
    Retro Eyeball 6 Way Flexible Spotlight Bar
    £41.99 Regular Price £45.99
  7.  Rosie 3-Way Spotlight Bar in Chrome
    Rosie 3 Way Spotlight Bar
    £5.99 Regular Price £22.99
  8. Rosie 6 Way Eyeball Spotlight Bar White and Chrome
  9. 3-Way IP44 Ice Cube Bathroom Spotlight Chrome
  10. Rosie 4-Way Spotlight Bar Black Chrome
    Rosie 4 Way Spotlight Bar
  11. Benton IP44 3-Way Adjustable Bar Light Chrome
  12. 4-Way Square Plate Spotlight Chrome
    4 Way Square Plate Spotlight
  13. Consul 8-Way Flexi Spotlight Bar Chrome
  14. Consul 8-Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting Chrome
  15. 3 way Modern Straight Bar Spotlight in Cement Finish
    Nina 3 Way Spotlight Bar
  16. Benton 4 Way Ceiling Spotlight Bar Copper
  17. Consul Mini 3 Way Round Ceiling Spotlight Chrome
  18. 4-Way Square Plate Spotlight Brushed Chrome
  19.  Brunel 3-Way Spotlight Bar in Antique Brass
  20. Sleek 3-Way Round Spotlight Copper
    Sleek 3 Way Round Spotlight
  21. 3-Way GU10 Round Spotlight White
    3 Way GU10 Round Spotlight
  22. Mini Retro Eyeball 3-Way Ceiling Spotlight Chrome
  23. Zeno 4-Way Straight Bar Spotlight Chrome
  24. Hardy 3-Way Flexible Spotlight Bar White
  25. Benton IP44 3 Way Ceiling Spotlight Chrome and Black

34 products

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