Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Our kitchen ceiling lights are designed to create the perfect setting for any kitchen. We have a vast range of suitable fixtures including three-way over table lights, five-way bar lights, kitchen lights with glass shades, kitchen spotlights, wrap-over lights, fisherman's lights, and more. If you're looking for high price or low, we've the light that will glow.

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  1. 3 Way Round Benton Spotlight Cement Finish
    Benton 3 Way Ceiling Spotlight
    £5.99 Regular Price £14.99
  2. Consul 6-Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting Chrome
    Consul 6 Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting
    £5.99 Regular Price £12.99
  3. Benton IP44 3-Way Ceiling Spotlight Chrome
  4. Rosie 4-Way Spotlight Bar Black Chrome
    Rosie 4 Way Spotlight Bar
  5.  Rosie 3-Way Spotlight Bar in Chrome
    Rosie 3 Way Spotlight Bar
    £5.99 Regular Price £22.99
  6. Trillian Diamond Shaped Gold Non Electric Basket Shade
    Trillian Diamond Shaped Pendant Shade
    £4.99 Regular Price £10.99
  7. Retro 3-Way Eyeball Ceiling Light Copper
  8. Rosie 6-Way Ceiling Spotlight Black Chrome
    Rosie 6 Way Ceiling Spotlight
    £29.99 Regular Price £33.99
  9.  Consul Chrome 6 Way Plate Spotlight
    Consul 6 Way Bar Spotlight
  10. Benton IP44 3-Way Adjustable Bar Light Chrome
  11. 4-Way Square Plate Spotlight Chrome
    4 Way Square Plate Spotlight
  12. Consul 8-Way Flexi Spotlight Bar Chrome
  13. Consul 8-Way Rectangular Plate Spotlight Fitting Chrome
  14. 3 way Modern Straight Bar Spotlight in Cement Finish
    Nina 3 Way Spotlight Bar
  15. Retro Eyeball 6-Way Flexible Spotlight Bar Chrome
    Retro Eyeball 6 Way Flexible Spotlight Bar
    £41.99 Regular Price £45.99
  16. Timantti 3 Way Chrome Ceiling Light with Shades
  17. 4-Way Square Plate Spotlight Brushed Chrome

64 products

per page