WEEE Regulations.

Waste electrical & electronic equipment.

An EU directive is in place relating to recycling waste electrical & electronic equipment, commonly known as WEEE.

WEEE should not be disposed of with general domestic waste as sending this to landfill harms the environment. WEEE should instead be disposed of via the proper channels in order for the items to be recycled, this saves energy and resources and avoids hazardous materials from WEEE going to landfill.

Under the EU directive the UK must minimise the amount of WEEE which is disposed of as unsorted municipal waste and achieve a high level of separate collection of WEEE. On items of electronic equipment which you buy, you will see this symbol.

This symbol means you should not dispose of the item in to your dustbin with mixed domestic waste. You should dispose of this item separately.

We don’t offer a collection of your WEEE through our couriers and delivery drivers will not be able to take away your waste electrical equipment from you.

For information on your nearest collection facility please contact your local authority.

In helping to separately collect WEEE you will be playing a key role in ensuring recycling as required a by these rules takes place and the and the amount of WEEE being land-filled is reduced. Thereby helping to improve the environment.