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How to Choose Table Lamps

Decorating your home means making some pretty important decisions. And whilst the theme, colour scheme and style are the first things to consider, a little further down the line it’s the lighting that can make one of the most dramatic improvements to the look and feel of the place. You'll likely want to use a combination of ceiling lights and lamps – so, it’s with this in mind that we offer some top tips on how to choose table lamps.     

Picking the Perfect Spot

Start by working out precisely where you want your lamp or lamps to be positioned. It’s all about the planning, so also try to determine how high you want the lamp to be and what the purpose of the lamp is – a bedside reading lamp, for example, may not need to be as bright or high as a table lamp for the lounge.

The Long and Short of the Matter

A general rule of thumb when deciding on the height of the lamp is to choose one that, when in place, the lower half of the shade is level with your eye line - when you’re sitting or reclining in the same room. This means the lamp won’t dazzle your eyes but will be high enough to optimise the output of light.

Shape and Style 

Have some fun by searching for different shapes, styles and checking out the latest trends. You can’t be expected to find the perfect table lamp if you haven’t had a good look at what’s on offer. Don’t be afraid to consider shapes and styles that you’d normally dismiss – if you end up reverting to your go-to type of design, fine, at least you’ve considered the options. Contemporary, traditional or even novelty designs are all worth bearing in mind. 

Colour Palette

Table lamps often come in a range of colours and so here too you have options. Do you seize the opportunity to add a splash of contrasting colour or do go with a more complementary, themed approach to your palette? Recent colour trends include copper and glass, so expect to see plenty of these when window shopping.

Shades and Shadows 

Drum shaped lamp shades are a safe bet and when looking for a statement piece. Just check the size – an over or undersized shade will make a table lamp look odd or cobbled together. Whereas, a shade that is in proportion with the lamp will look sleek and chic. There are, of course, lots of alternatives to the drum design and so again do your homework before making a final decision.

Lighting Layers

One other factor to think about is how your new table lamp will work with the other lighting in the intended room. How the lamp will be used to complement ceiling lights and floor lamps for instance – will the lamp have the desired effect when it comes to mood, accents and features?

Having worked through our list of top tips, you will, we hope, feel enlightened and find yourself in the perfect position from which to choose a lovely, new, table lamp.

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Lepus Gold Ceramic Hare Table Lamp

Lepus Gold Ceramic Hare Table Lamp

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Pair of Chrome Teardrop Touch Lamps

Value Essentials Torp Chrome and Grey Touch Table Lamp with Mustard Aspen Shade

Chrome Grey Touch Table Lamp

Jubilee Terrazzo Table Lamp with White Aspen Shade

Jubilee Terrazzo Table Lamp