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How to Clean Ceiling Fans

Many ceiling lights now come with a ceiling fan attached, in the summer they’re a godsend, cooling the room and in winter reversible fans will also help you keep the room warm. Keeping the fan clean from dust however, can be tricky and it is with this in mind that we share our tips on how best to clean ceiling fans. 

The Pillowcase Method 

There are several ways to clean your ceiling fan, but the pillowcase method is simple, cheap and leaves you with zero mess. Start by finding something to stand on, a stepladder is perhaps the safest option, make sure the fan and the light are switched off, then let the cleaning begin.

Climb the ladder with a clean pillowcase and then place it over one of the blades. Next, lightly clean the blade, allowing the dust to fall into the case and not onto whatever is directly underneath the fan. Proceed with caution so as not to damage the blades, cleaning each one in turn. 

To complete the procedure and to stop excess dust from gathering spray a duster with a repelling spray – this will keep the blades cleaner for longer. 

Microfiber Ceiling Fan Dusters

For those who struggle with heights or who have no safe way to reach the ceiling fan, a microfiber duster may be just the job. Microfiber dusters are relatively cheap to buy and come with a long pole, choose one with a looped duster and simply hook the loop over each blade and move the pole forwards and back until you have successfully removed all of the dust – you may want to have a vacuum cleaner at the ready to suck up any dust that doesn’t stick to the microfiber.

Cleaning the Fan’s Motor

One of the best ways to clean the fans motor, usually housed just above the fan is to give it the once over with a duster. Then, use a canister of compressed air to blow away any remaining dirt or dust. 

Glass Light Shades and Globes

The majority of ceiling fans have a glass shade or globe and this will also need cleaning from time to time. To do this begin by removing it from the fitting. Next, give it a good wash with some lightly soaped warm water, taking care not to crack or smash the shade. 

At this point it’s worth checking that all the bulbs are working and wiping them too with a microfiber duster.

Finally, wipe the shade with a dry cloth and then wait until it is completely dry before reattaching it to the light fitting and then testing the fan and the light to ensure it is all working correctly.

Cleaning your ceiling fan and light isn’t something that needs to be done every week, however, the cleaner you keep it, the longer is likely to work without any major maintenance. Cleaning it once each month should be more than sufficient and as well as working properly the light and fan will operate more efficiently.