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How to roll a Rolla Shade




Rolla shades a genius little invention we’ve designed to accompany our beautiful table and floor lamps. They’re easy to assemble and the minimal packaging means they’re good for the environment too. Our Rolla shades come in every size and many colours and they’re the perfect staple piece for a ceiling pendant too. Follow the simple how-to steps below and you’ll be rolling in no time…

1. Create the drum by rolling the shade material

2. Overlap the 2 strips of Velcro material on the ends of the shade

3. Smooth the edges down with your fingertips

4. Push the bottom ring through the shade

5. Secure the bottom ring by pushing down with your fingertips

6. Turn the shade upside down

7. Push the top ring through the shade. Make sure it is flush against the surface you’re using

8. Secure the top ring by pushing down with your fingertips

Finished Rolla Shade and Clipper Table Lamp with Black Rolla Shade