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Low Energy Lights Explained

We’ve come a long way from relying on candles, oil or paraffin lamps to light our spaces. Over the last 100 years, technology has made it cleaner, safer and cheaper than ever before to light our homes. Low energy ceiling lights, for example, can help you shave up to 90% off your electricity bill. So, if you’re interested in value and saving money, read on.

Style and Savings

Most households use several different lights in any one room; mounted, floor and table lamps among them, but for efficiency low energy ceiling lights are hard to beat – why? Well, in the first instance a ceiling light brightens a larger amount of space than say a table lamp. Add to that the fact that you can now fit LED bulbs in your ceiling lights and that there’s a range of great designs to choose from and you have a recipe for style and savings.

Choosing a Low Energy Ceiling Light

Once you have decided to go for low energy ceiling lights, the next step is to find a style that will suit your home and here you may be spoilt for choice. Flush ceiling lights are great for maximising a sense of space, in a kitchen for example, whilst a low hanging pendant ceiling light may make for a cool style statement or focused spotlight. But no matter what type of ceiling light you choose, you can rest assured that you will be saving money and doing your bit for the environment.

Why it Pays to Go Low Energy

Using low energy ceiling lights with LED bulbs only uses around 10% of the energy that a regular incandescent bulb would. So, not only do you save money, you are helping to protect the environment. LED bulbs also last a lot longer than a more traditional lightbulb – it’s a win-win scenario!

Similarly, using compact fluorescent bulbs, perhaps in a kitchen or bathroom, will also provide you with better value than using a regular fluorescent tube.

No Compromise on Performance

Some people still associate low energy lighting with poor performance, where only relatively dull light is emitted or where it takes the light some time to warm up - this is no longer the case. Using low energy bulbs in your ceiling lights means you get great illumination, in a shade of your choice, without having to wait for the bulb to reach its full output. Plus, low energy bulbs are a safer option as they produce very little in the way of heat. 

Installing Low Energy Ceiling Lights 

Whilst most responsible adults can safely change a lightbulb when it comes to installing a light fitting, using a qualified electrician is the best and safest option. Mains electricity can be dangerous and so using a professional will mean your lighting is fitted safely and will look great.

For many of us, using low energy lighting in our homes has become the proverbial “no-brainer” - increased safety and better efficiency without compromising on performance or style – when will you switch?

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