The Steampunk Range

What makes a light 'Steampunk'? It's definitely a trend, and growing in popularity. It harks back to an elaborate, industrial and scientific style - wire cages surrounding an antique bulb is a popular type, like the 'Diablo' collection. You'll find brass, copper, glass, or polished wood elements incorporated in a range of steampunk lamps and shades.

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  1.  Designer Suspended Lampholder in Black
    Designer Suspended Lampholder
    £9.99 Regular Price £17.99
  2.  Casco Matt Black Pendant Lampholder
    Casco Pendant Lampholder
  3. Casco Chrome Pendant with Grey Colby Shade
    Casco Chrome Pendant with Colby Shade
    £30.99 Regular Price £30.99
  4. Luiggi 3 Way Ceiling Light with Amber Shades
    Luiggi 3 Way Ceiling Light

33 products

per page