Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Our bedroom ceiling lights range varies from vintage to modern, and to dimmable lights, for people that want more control of the levels of bedroom lighting. Whatever your requirements, we're confident we'll match them.


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  1.  Hudson Pendant Shade in Chrome and Smoked Grey
    Hudson Pendant Shade
  2.  Diablo Black Pendant Shade
    Diablo Pendant Shade
    £6.99 Regular Price £14.99
  3.  Childrens Cloud and Raindrop Pendant Shade in White
  4.  Hudson 3 Way Acrylic Pendant Ceiling Light
  5.  Reyka 3 Way Cross Over Ceiling Light
    Reyka 3 Way Ceiling Light
  6.  Hudson Chrome 3 Way Flush Ceiling Light
  7.  Childrens Pterodactyl Pendant Shade in White
  8.  Prague 5 Way Lead Crystal Ceiling Light in Chrome
    Prague 5 Way Lead Crystal Flush Ceiling Light
    £39.99 Regular Price £79.99
  9.  Taurus 42 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
  10.  Childrens Stegosauras Pendant Shade in White
  11.  Jesmond Dusty Pink Pendant Shade with Clear Droplets
  12.  Butterfly Multi-Coloured Pendant Shade
    Butterfly Pendant Shade
  13.  Varuna IP44 Chandelier with Glass Droplets
  14.  Rutherford Copper Pendant Shade
    Rutherford Pendant Shade
  15.  Childrens Aeroplane Pendant Shade
  16.  Nimrod 42 Ceiling Fan in Copper
    Nimrod 42" Ceiling Fan
    £47.99 Regular Price £49.99
  17.  Claudia 5 Way Ceiling Light in Chrome
  18.  Reyka 5 Way Ceiling Light in Chrome
  19.  Childrens Dinosaur Pendant Shade
  20.  Timantti 3 Way Chrome Ceiling Light with Shades
  21.  Lorenzo Grey Pendant Shade With Copper Trim
  22.  Sadira Star Pendant Shade in Copper
    Sadira Star Pendant Shade
  23.  Football Pendant Shade in Black and White
    Football Pendant Shade
  24. Mia Chrome Three Way Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

48 products

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