Family Movie Night

It's All About Setting the Mood

There's nothing quite like a cosy movie night at home with your loved ones, whether you're having a cuddle on the couch or bickering over what movie to watch, it's always a great way to relax and unwind. 

You've got to wonder, what's the most important part of movie night? So much more goes into it than picking a film that everyone wants to watch. You've got to cover all bases to ensure a succesful movie night and lots of people get hung up on the movie, the snacks, the soft furnishings... but what about the movie lighting? The dynamic of the space is totally different when you have a movie night at home compared to a trip to the cinema, in the cinema the screen is all you see. In your living room, there's alot more in your line of vision than the movie everyone finally managed to agree on. Sitting in the dark to watch a film at home simply does not scratch the same itch as going to the cinema and being plunged into darkness. And you definitely can't have movie night with the big light on!

Good mood lighting is, frankly, imperative for movie night. So, let's talk about layering, which is the key to good mood lighting and can make or break your movie night.
Wallace 3 Light Black Semi Flush Ceiling Light Bar

Ceiling Lights

Let’s start with the basics, ceiling lights are the first step to adding any lighting to a room, having ceiling mounted lights helps spread more ambient lighting throughout the entire space. As much as we all love a huge fancy chandelier, if the room is going to be used for movie nights something a little less eye-catching might be best. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! Flush and semi-flush ceiling lights mean you can still get a stunning design without stealing attention away from the movie magic. 

If you've got higher ceilings and more space to play around with then you could always entertain a slightly lower hanging ceiling light and diffuse the brightness with the perfect ceiling lampshade to tie the room together. Bonus points if you put in a dimmable ceiling light so you don't have to commit to total darkness or full big light brightness.

Wall Lights

Wall Lights are the ideal accent lighting for any space, including your movie room adding a little lighting around the edges helps to bring some life into those darker corners of the room or highlight that one particular spot of the room that you're especially proud of. Plus, it's a good excuse to still have a little bit of light for comfort for those really scary films. 

'I'm not scared, no, but isn't that Picasso print just stunning?'

Plus, it's pretty close to cinema lighting, we all know how they love their wall lights right up until the movie starts. The ultimate movie lights.

Sheridan Wall Light with Amber Glass Shade

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great talking point and space filler in your home, combining both functionality and style. Floor lamps are a one stop shop for brilliant but subtle lighting. Not only do they bring just as much to the space during the day but if you wanted to stop at a floor lamp, you could.  A good floor lamp is an unbeatable home decor piece, a mood lighting master and is a great way to fill up any awkward empty spaces that are missing that little something.  

Triton LED 25W Tri-Bar Corner Floor Lamp in BlackTriton LED 25W Tri-Bar Corner Floor Lamp in Black
Triton LED 25W Tri-Bar Corner Floor Lamp in Black

Table Lamps

Table Lamps are a good choice for those of us who know we like watching movies in the dark. Those of us who just want to replicate the cinema experience as much as possible, or those of us who actually do want to watch that new horror film in the pitch dark (there must be someone out there). Having a good table lamp on an end table means that when you inevitably drop something and have to go fishing around for it, you've got an easy to access light you can flick on without interfering with your comfort.

They're also a key task lighting option, incase you're a hobbyist who needs to be doing something with their hands whilst enjoying a movie. No matter the hobby, a good task light will save your eyes from strain. 

Antique Thomas Edison Industrial Table Lamp in Aged BrassAntique Thomas Edison Industrial Table Lamp in Aged Brass
Antique Thomas Edison Industrial Table Lamp in Aged Brass

The most important thing to remember is that this is your movie night and however you want to enjoy it is the perfect way to do so. 

We've all got different preferences for how we like to kick back and enjoy some good cinema. No matter what your preferences are, we've got something that'll make your movie nights a little more magical.