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Before the Light, There's a Spark

A spark like a great idea, a spark of inspiration, a spark of understanding.

Lighting is more than a product, it's a game changer.  We don't want to just provide a great selection of lighting. We want to be a one stop shop for all of your lighting needs. From the first spark to the bright lights, we want you making the most informed and inspired decisions to transform a house into a home. 

That's why we've put together this hive of educational and inspirational material to kick start your lighting journey, answer the big questions or just spark a little brilliance in your home. 

After all, we are the go-to people for lighting. 


Wallace Steampunk Pendant Light with Glass ShadeWallace Steampunk Pendant Light with Glass Shade

Your dream space is out there, and through our blogs, socials and styles we can make it a reality. We're dedicating space on our blog to exploring ways in which lighting can help you accomplish the style and mood that you're after. 

Here we give longer form content with how-to guides, design ideas, and style deep dives. For more bitesize inspiration you can always follow us across some of these other platforms:

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 It will always pay to call in the professionals but we still need to understand the fundamentals to make the right choices, so we're making sure you're armed and ready to light up your life with some easy to digest technical guides, lighting type breakdowns and maintenance manuals. 

Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp with Gold Inner ShadeMorpho Tripod Floor Lamp with Gold Inner Shade

Here's the thing, the real ValueLights secret, is that we're such good value because we help you get it spot on the first time round, with great quality products.

From how-to guides to lumen lessons.
You might not be a lighting expert, and you don't need to be because we're here to do more than provide the goods. 

We're constantly working on easy to understand educational content from bulb guides to light fixture cleaning tips. 

There's alot more to lighting than basking in it, there is safety, skill and planning to consider. So, if you ever wonder about something, we just may have the answer for you.

Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp with Gold Inner ShadeMorpho Tripod Floor Lamp with Gold Inner Shade

Anything you might need to know, we're going to make sure you can find out, whether it's; 

Keep an eye out for lighting ideas, trends and seasonal inspiration. For the certainly ambitious, looking for the undoubtably doable. 

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