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How to Elevate your Living Room with Ambient Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when crafting the perfect space, but it's the best way to create a specific mood or atmosphere. The lounge is used for all sorts of different day to day activities, so your lighting needs to be able to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the space. The key to achieving this is layering your lighting, so that you have a different light source for all the different times of day and occasions, from a quiet night in to playing the perfect host.

Lighting is often overlooked when creating the perfect space, but it is the best way to create any mood or atmosphere.

Rossio Large Matt Black Pendant Ceiling Light with Gold InnerRossio Large Matt Black Pendant Ceiling Light with Gold Inner

Ceiling Lighting

The ideal starting point when lighting your lounge is focusing on the overall ambient lighting. We reckon you're best off starting from the ceiling and working your way down. Start with a good overhead ceiling light.

The best fixture for your space will depend on a variety of things, such as the general room size, height, theme and colour scheme. If you're looking for a more comprehensive guide to finding your perfect ceiling lights, have a look at our blog post. Consider the vibe you're after, if you want to try out some light and airy lounge ideas then you'll be working with different requirements than if you're going dark and moody. If you've got a smaller room with low ceilings, a semi-flush or bar fixture will help spread the light evenly and preserve precious headspace.

There's alot of lounge ceiling light ideas that are ideal for long lounges with a low ceiling. Adjustable spotlight heads cover long spaces with ambient lighting. 

Don't be fooled though, low ceilings don't mean you can't still make a statement with your ceiling lighting.

The Lounge is truly the heart of the home, they don't call it a living room for nothing.

Mid-Level Task Lighting

Even though the lounge is possibly the most social room in the house, you can still carve out a little space for yourself. So, choose your favourite armchair, and pick a corner to create your very own cozy reading nook. 

You know what would do a brilliant job? An arc floor lamp

The long, curved body of the lamp means you can slot it nicely in a busy corner and still have that extra light overhead, making it a great option for task lighting. All the glamour with none of the eye strain. 

If you're less concerned about floor space, or you have a specific gap you're looking to fill, then a tripod floor lamp is quite the statement. It's three legged structure makes it a sturdy choice and some of our designs allow for the light to be directed any which way, giving you that creative control over your space.

Value Essentials Dalby Copper and Black Floor LampValue Essentials Dalby Copper and Black Floor Lamp
George Monkey Table Lamp in Metallic GoldGeorge Monkey Table Lamp in Metallic Gold

Low Level Mood Lighting

Lounge light ideas revolve around the big nights in.

Big nights in are a staple in alot of our diaries, and they're made all the better when you have a cosy atmosphere ready to nestle into. Take the comfort of your own home to the next level and never face the fear of missing out again. 

The next layer to lounge lighting is table lamps

Ideal for filling in that vacancy on the corner or console table, matching end tables? That's fine, we sell pairs. 

Table lamps are an amazing way to use lighting as decor, just look at our little friend, George. Whether or not he's switched on he still adds a whole heap of personality to the space.