What is an IP44 light bulb? What do lighting protection ratings mean? Do LED bulbs save money? How do touch table lamps work? I haven't got a clue which lamp to buy?

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  1. What is the best outdoor light?

    The reasons why most customers purchase outdoor lights are for two main reasons: security and aesthetic.

  2. Ceiling Fan size guide, Blades and Airflow

    Ceiling fans come in various sizes from 29 inches, up to much larger fans of 52 inches. Then of course you have the type of style, blade type, and product material.

  3. How to install flush mount ceiling lights

    If you’re looking for lighting that’s tidy, functional, and ‘hidden’ in the ceiling, our value lights range might help.

  4. How do I pick a ceiling light?

    The most important factor you need to be aware of when choosing a ceiling light is the height of your ceiling.

  5. Ceiling lights for showers: IP Ratings explained

    We’ve written another post in the hope of answering all your IP rating questions about bathroom and shower lights.

  6. How to Keep Ceiling Fans Dust Free

    Do ceiling fans create dust? The answer is no. They just attract it through static electricity. But how do you keep them dust free?

  7. The clocks are going forward so which lamp?

    The sun's up earlier, the kids are in the garden but what about our home lighting? It's as important as everything else.

  8. How to Plan Recessed Lighting in Your Kitchen

    The most common question asked, what is a recessed light?

  9. What is a ceiling Rose?

    The ‘rose’ is part of a decorative element that encases the cable and its support. Without the rose, lighting fittings would never look as tidy. 

  10. How Do I Choose an Office Light?

    What types of lights are used in offices? That depends on your office needs. Work from home?

  11. Style the Sale

    We Know How Trendy You All Are - 10% Off Copper Lighting | 10% Off Steampunk
  12. How to use lighting to create a mood in your interior

    There's no better feeling that curled up on the sofa with a movie, and mood lighting.

  13. How to Plan Kitchen Lighting

    As one of the most used rooms in the home, the modern kitchen needs careful consideration.

  14. Colour With Confidence 2020

    With the arrival of Spring we’re feeling energised and excited to bring this sense of optimism and light into our homes.

  15. How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

    Picture gallery walls have become very popular and we know why.
  16. 10 Organisation Hacks for the Home

    Creating a stylish space that’s both clean and tidy is the goal for most of us.
  17. How to Wire Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

    Under kitchen cabinet lighting remains popular, so here are tips and advice on how to install them.
  18. Installing a Ceiling Fan – 10 Things You Need to Know

    A ceiling fan can be used in both the Summer and Winter. How?
  19. How to Get the Scandi Look

    Scandi design originates from Scandinavia. Their passion for outdoor activities and nature influences this specific look perfectly. 

  20. 10 Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

    Here we take a look at 10 top cleaning tips in a Hinchlist of our own. Here's to a clean start! 

  21. How To Change A Bulb In A Bathroom Light

    We’re all about educating you and making sure you’ve got all the knowledge you need to look after your lights.

  22. How to use ceiling fans in Winter

    It’s now common for people to use ceiling fans and fan lights during summertime. Why?

  23. How Does Lighting Affect Mental Health?

    Through lighting you can attempt to increase a more positive feel, because lighting has a deep effect on our mental well-being.
  24. How Do Touch Table Lamps Work

    Touch-sensitive bedside lamps have been a bit of a revelation, no more fumbling around in the dark trying to find a tiny switch.

  25. How to Style Mustard Yellow

    One of the big go-to colours of the moment is mustard yellow and it’s not just warm, it’s hot. Bright and majestic.

  26. How to Choose Kitchen Lighting

    The kitchen is the busiest room in your home, cooking, cleaning, washing and eating. But which kithchen light?

  27. Bringing in Blush Pink - how to incorporate blush pink into your home

    From chunky knit blankets, to pink lamp shades, to accent chairs, now is as good a time to bring in blush pink bits.

  28. What are IP44 lights?

    How to get an understanding of the lighting protection codes before you purchase an IP rated light.

  29. Do LED Bulbs Save Money?

    What is a low energy light, and should I use one? Does a LED bulb save money?

  30. Low Energy Lights Explained

    Low energy ceiling lights, can help shave up to 90% off electricity bill. So, if you’re interested in saving money, read on.