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What are the best bulbs to use? What is an IP44 light bulb? What do lighting protection ratings mean? Do LED bulbs save money? How do touch table lamps work? I haven't got a clue which lamp to buy? If you've got a lighting question, we've got the answer for you. Search our blog.

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  1. How much light do you really need in each of your rooms?

    It may seem daunting to try and predict how much light any given room in your house might require, but that needn’t be the case. our handy guide is sure to illuminate you on the topic.

  2. What are arc floor lamps?

    Popular statement floor lights that are aesthetic and functional, arc lamps are contemporary floor standing lamps that will never go out of fashion. Read on to find out why.

  3. Lighting their way: the best lighting for your child’s bedroom

    Your child’s room should be ambient & stimulating to replicate their life outside: but where do you start? 

  4. Lighting ideas for low ceilings

    Low ceiling might seem to be a difficult thing to work with when considering how to keep the room well-lit: but there are more options than you might think. 

  5. How to choose the right bedside lamp for your guest room

    Your guestroom needs to be easily cleaned, stylish and welcoming for anyone visiting your home: so, which is the best bedside lamp for your guests?

  6. How do you light a dining room?

    Your dining room: the room where people come together. You want this room to be well-lit, with the option of dimming it down for later in the evening.

  7. Which light fittings use globe and golf ball bulbs?

    Golf Ball bulbs are smaller than traditional pear-shaped bulbs. Then slightly larger Globe bulbs are much larger than pear-shaped bulbs and Golf Ball bulbs.

  8. How to Style Fairy Lights

    Fairy Lights, or string lights, are a favourite during the festive period and summer evenings. They bring a touch of magic to our homes, and a calming glow.

  9. Bedroom Lighting Tips

    The bedroom is a fundamental room in our lives. It’s where we start and end our day, so the lighting needs to be applicable to a variety of needs.

  10. Lounge Lighting Ideas

    The Lounge is truly the heart of the home; it is where family movie nights, and everyday living takes place.

  11. Common Colour Temperatures

    What are colour temperatures and why are they important? Colour temperature is the amount of light a bulb emits. 

  12. How Does Lighting Affect Our Health and Wellbeing?

    Lighting may not be the top of your list for new healthy habits, but it plays a huge part.

  13. Best Table Lamps - Illuminate Your Room

    Table lamps can work as both a statement piece, adding something special to the theme of the room, or more of a subtle addition.

  14. What is a GLS bulb?

    The GLS bulb is probably the most well-known bulb shape in the world.

  15. 5 things to do with the kids at christmas

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Even if it is going to be a little different this year.

  16. 10 Things to Look Forward to this Winter

    Some things to look forward to (irrespective of C19 restrictions) in the coming months ahead. Here’s what we think...

  17. How to Decorate Your Rental For Christmas

    Keeping your landlord happy throughout the holiday season means no pinning or painting of the walls, so to establish that wonderful Christmassy atmosphere we need to get creative with non-invasive decorating methods.

  18. What are squirrel cage light bulbs?

    Squirrel Cage light bulbs are fashionable carbon or metal filament bulbs, where the filament is threaded using support hooks.

  19. What is Mood Lighting?

    Mood Lighting is using lighting to create a desired atmosphere in any room.

  20. What are the three types of lighting?

    The right type of lighting will have a considerable effect on how easily you can work, function, relax, or sleep.

  21. How long do ceiling fans usually last?

    We’re still being told to stay home as much as we can. Instead of cooling off by the beach this summer, why not invest in a ceiling fan and cool off in the comfort of your home? 

  22. What lights should I use Spiral bulbs for?

    Spiral bulbs are the most common type of energy saving bulbs on the market right now.

  23. The UK Public Lighting System

    Living in 21st century Britain brings new power needs and lighting requirements from the wider society. Can you do your bit?

  24. Bring In The Modern - Italian Style Floor Lamps

    It is no big secret that Italians have an inherent eye for good design. Here's why.

  25. Perfect lighting for your morning routine

    We have all had ‘those’ mornings where you have snoozed your alarm ten times and woken up in absolute panic.

  26. How to create the perfect lighting for a movie night

    Everyone loves movie night, so we have a handy guide to show you how to create the perfect atmosphere at home.

  27. The perfect bedside table lamps for reading

    Table lamps are every bookworm's best friend, you are getting stuck in to a good book but the next thing you know it's 3 hours later and dark.

  28. How To Perfectly Style Your Open Shelves

    Everyone has a collection they want to display, whether books, ornaments or small bits.

  29. How to create the perfect lighting for self-care

    This blog covers three easy at-home self-care activities to help you feel more present, as well as the right lighting to go with it!

  30. Choose Carnival Letter Lights

    Carnival lighting, also referred to as circus alphabet lights, can add a sense of fun and interest

91 Articles

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