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What are the best bulbs to use? What is an IP44 light bulb? What do lighting protection ratings mean? Do LED bulbs save money? How do touch table lamps work? I haven't got a clue which lamp to buy? If you've got a lighting question, we've got the answer for you. Search our blog.


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  1. How long do ceiling fans usually last?

    We’re still being told to stay home as much as we can. Instead of cooling off by the beach this summer, why not invest in a ceiling fan and cool off in the comfort of your home? 

  2. What lights should I use Spiral bulbs for?

    Spiral bulbs are the most common type of energy saving bulbs on the market right now.

  3. The UK Public Lighting System

    Living in 21st century Britain brings new power needs and lighting requirements from the wider society. Can you do your bit?

  4. Bring In The Modern - Italian Style Floor Lamps

    It is no big secret that Italians have an inherent eye for good design. Here's why.

  5. Bringing in Blush Pink - how to incorporate blush pink into your home

    From chunky knit blankets, to pink lamp shades, to accent chairs, now is as good a time to bring in blush pink bits.

  6. Perfect lighting for your morning routine

    We have all had ‘those’ mornings where you have snoozed your alarm ten times and woken up in absolute panic.

  7. How to create the perfect lighting for a movie night

    Everyone loves movie night, so we have a handy guide to show you how to create the perfect atmosphere at home.

  8. The perfect bedside table lamps for reading

    Table lamps are every bookworm's best friend, you are getting stuck in to a good book but the next thing you know it's 3 hours later and dark.

  9. Do all light fixtures in the house need to match?

    Getting someone into a home to design the style and lighting is not a realistic option for most. So, what can you do?

  10. Choose Carnival Letter Lights

    Carnival lighting, also referred to as circus alphabet lights, can add a sense of fun and interest

  11. Light Bulb Guide

    Wattage? Lumen?  A simple guide to help inform you of the choices of light bulb available.

  12. How To Perfectly Style Your Open Shelves

    Everyone has a collection they want to display, whether books, ornaments or small bits.

  13. How to create the perfect lighting for self-care

    This blog covers three easy at-home self-care activities to help you feel more present, as well as the right lighting to go with it!

  14. What Is a Capsule Bulb?

    LED capsule bulbs are small and compact bi-pin lamps designed to be used in even the most compact of fixtures.

  15. How To Style Indoor Wall Lights

    Wall lights are the ideal way to add extra lighting to a room with little floor space.

  16. Understanding Bathroom Lighting and IP Ratings Infographic

    We've designed this infographic to give you more insight into IP bulb ratings and lights.

  17. Understanding Downlights Infographic

    A modern way to illuminate your home or specific focal areas, downlights are designed for those who enjoy a simple lighting scheme.

  18. Best Decking Lights

    Garden decking is considerably enhanced when featuring installed lights. There is no written rule that you must install deck lights and it does not matter which type of decking you have. 

  19. How to chose the right floor lamp for your living room

    Lighting is an important aspect of any room; we can use light to create any desired mood or atmosphere.

  20. What is the difference between a Downlight and a Spotlight?

    Downlights are installed into the ceiling concentrating light downward, whilst a spotlight is fixed onto a wall or ceiling.

  21. What is the best outdoor light?

    The reasons why most customers purchase outdoor lights are for two main reasons: security and aesthetic.

  22. Ceiling Fan size guide, Blades and Airflow

    Ceiling fans come in various sizes from 29 inches, up to much larger fans of 52 inches. Then of course you have the type of style, blade type, and product material.

  23. How to install flush mount ceiling lights

    If you’re looking for lighting that’s tidy, functional, and ‘hidden’ in the ceiling, our value lights range might help.

  24. How do I pick a ceiling light?

    The most important factor you need to be aware of when choosing a ceiling light is the height of your ceiling.

  25. Ceiling lights for showers: IP Ratings explained

    We’ve written another post in the hope of answering all your IP rating questions about bathroom and shower lights.

  26. How to Keep Ceiling Fans Dust Free

    Do ceiling fans create dust? The answer is no. They just attract it through static electricity. But how do you keep them dust free?

  27. The clocks are going forward so which lamp?

    The sun's up earlier, the kids are in the garden but what about our home lighting? It's as important as everything else.

  28. How to Plan Recessed Lighting in Your Kitchen

    The most common question asked, what is a recessed light?

  29. What is a ceiling Rose?

    The ‘rose’ is part of a decorative element that encases the cable and its support. Without the rose, lighting fittings would never look as tidy. 

  30. How Do I Choose an Office Light?

    What types of lights are used in offices? That depends on your office needs. Work from home?

71 Articles

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