How to use lighting to create a mood in your interior


The perfect finishing touch to any room has to be lighting. There's no better feeling than curled up on the sofa on a Sunday night with a cup of tea and a great movie with the mood lighting set just right to make you feel cosy and ease the fear of Monday morning. Creating a productive environment needs completely different lighting to get you typing, sweeping, polishing or planning perfectly. Lighting has the potential to transform any room at the flick of a switch and we’ve got all the tips to help you get your mood lighting just right, whatever your lifestyle. 

Cosy and comforting 

Picture this, it’s a Sunday afternoon, you’ve been on a long walk through the countryside, you’ve devoured a roast dinner at your favourite carvery. Just as you’ve walked through the door, it’s started pouring with rain. You put the kettle on and curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and your favourite Disney movie. Perfect right? Set the mood for this Sunday afternoon situation by turning on some table lamps that are positioned behind the sofa or on a sideboard positioned so that the light isn’t directly in your eyes or reflecting on the tv. Use chain lights to create a warming atmosphere, perfect for a Sunday.

A productive environment 

Need the right lighting to help you get that last page of your report done or struggling to get the kitchen lighting right for cooking or cleaning? For spaces that require you to be productive such as an office or kitchen use bright, cool or daylight bulbs. This will mimic daylight and help you feel energetic and get the job done. If you’re working in a space that needs to be diverse and fulfil all your needs like a living room, opt for occasional task lighting that you can use as and when you need it. A floor lamp with cool white or daylight bulbs is ideal for this, choose a stylish one that fits with your decor. Our Crawford and Camden Floor Lamps are perfect for this as they come in every colour and combination imaginable. 

Romantic lighting 

Date night? Kids at a sleepover? Set the mood with candles, low level lighting, fairy lights and lanterns. Use warm lighting and warm white bulbs to create a romantic atmosphere ideal for a dinner date or cosy movie night. 

Dinner party lighting 

Dinner parties are the perfect way to entertain guests and show off your newly renovated dining room that will leave guests envious. There’s nothing worse than eating dinner and not being able to see where your fork is going. Choose lighting that hangs low over the dining table. This will focus the light where you need it and create a mood without filling the whole room with light. 

Give yourself a boost 

Ever feel like you need a little pick me up in the winter months? Or you’ve had a bad day, you’re sick of seeing rain and you just want to jump on a plane to somewhere hot? Lighting that mimics daylight is the perfect way to boost serotonin levels (which is the hormone that helps kick that bad mood). If you’re anything like us, nothing beats sitting in a room that is perfectly styled. Choosing lighting that complements your room and is perfectly styled is a great way to boost your mood. 

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