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Get a Tailored Nautical Look this Season

Pair navy and white

One of the easiest yet most effective transformations you can give your bedroom is naval stripes. It’s amazing the dramatic impact you can create through the simplicity of white and navy. With nautical inspired cushions and crisp white bedding, you can create a simple yet bold interior, giving your bedroom a classic nautical look. You can add more pattern and texture to the room for a more decadent feel if you want to move away from a minimal, clean colour scheme.

 Nautical Bedding

Match bedding and wall colour

It can often be hard to keep a theme flowing through a large bedroom space. Tie in colour, cushions, bed throws and drapery to match the wall colour pulling everything together in a room. Nautical colours don’t have to be dramatic, they can be made of subtle tones such as light blues and creams as opposed to navy and white, giving a more sophisticated feel to the space. You could invest in a bench at the end of the bed to give both a practical and aesthetic feature. Not only is it a place to sit and read in the bedroom, but also a great place to scatter cushions in the evening.


Add a touch of tan

The essence of nautical design includes white walls combined with naval stripes. By adding a touch of tan you can scatter cushions that work well with navy and white, giving the colour scheme a sense of depth.

 Nautical Bedroom

Combine fabrics and textures

You’re bedding can combine fabrics and textures in coastal shades such as pale blue and light grey, experimenting with a range of whites and taupes. Patterned cushions and soft throws will add further detail to the room, with darker furniture tying in well with navy cushions and bedding. A mix of colours and texture will help create an interesting interior.

 Natural Materials

Invest in pillows

Adding more colourful pillows to your bedroom will contrast well against crisp white bedding, making the bed a central, eye catching focal point. If you aren’t keen on bed throws, a simple runner along the bed will give a more finished look. Adding gloss to the wallpaper will help reflect light from the window onto the other side of the room, adding an extra lift to the scheme.


Keep things simple

A bold look is great for a teenager’s bedroom. You can include pendant lampshades to match the bold horizontal stripes of the bed linen. The overall look of the room is simple enough to make a bold statement.

 Nautical Bedroom 2

Soften the room with floral patterns

Create a light, fresh touch using floral in your coastal theme. Include tan in your bedding, working well with navy tones in the wallpaper. This coastal look would suit a more traditional property. You can include simple, floral cushions and bedding to tie the bed in with the wallpaper.


Exaggerate features

Oversized pillows, cushions and pinstripes on the wallpaper will combine a variety of elements from a classic nautical look, in a fresh innovative way. The large pillows at the back of the bed, set up a great foundation for scattering cushions in the foreground, exaggerating the size of the bed. Scattering cushions is great for adding a variety of designs and fabrics, without dominating the scheme.

 Nautical Inspiration

Use stars and stripes

A nautical scheme doesn’t need to be a dramatic contrast of blue and white to give a coastal feel: taupe tones also work well to bring added warmth to a space. Give your bedroom a playful feel, with a starry throw on the bed, preventing the scheme from feeling too grown-up. A mix of colour and patterns combinations will provide added depth to your space. Taupe tones in the bedding and wall design will add extra consistency.

Nautical Inspiration