How to Style Mustard Yellow

One of the big go-to colours of the moment is mustard yellow and it’s not just warm, it’s hot. Bright and majestic, the colour is currently on-trend when it comes to soft furnishings, however, dig a little deeper into the world of interior design and you’ll find that mustard yellow is being styled in lots of other ways too – here we take a look.

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Large, luxurious mustard yellow sofas are the headline of this story. Available in a range of tones from bright and warm to a darker burnished, more opulent tone and upholstered in velvet, suede or tightly woven fabric. All of the styles and tones work well with white or grey walls, but there are quite a few other, more adventurous wall colours to explore, salmon pink among them – who knew?

It’s worth noting that mustard yellow sofas look great on wooden floors with huge sea grass rugs and to complete the look invest in some sumptuous cushions in blue, brown or even better, matching mustard yellow cushions – super-smart!

Lying Down

In the bedroom, soft furnishings in mustard yellow are also a hit. Beds dressed in the colour contrast wonderfully with backdrop walls in colours like “Card Room Green” or even black. Alternatively, turn the tables around and go for a mustard yellow or okra feature wall and then dress the bed and pillows in a complimentary colour – sweet harmony.

For those looking to introduce a bit of mustard yellow into the bedroom, but who are not looking to spend a lot of money, why not look for a large throw or blanket and work the colour into the room that way?

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Such is the popularity of mustard yellow, we’re even starting to see it used in kitchens. Feature walls or cupboard doors paired with white worktops or black blue cabinets give a dramatic two-tone contrast that can be softened with lush greens courtesy of some strategically placed house plants in wicker or cane webbing pots – natural cleansing.

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You won’t be surprised to learn that there’s a wide range of rugs styled in mustard yellow. And whether you opt for a plain rug or one with a pattern or image stitched into it, you can be sure that it’ll make dramatic impact when used as part of your homes new interior design concept – “shoes off please”.


During the evening, when lounging in your living room or your bedroom, it’s nice to get the lighting just right. Consider ceiling lights in brass with frosted white glass or lights with black metallic fittings and shades. The same goes for lamps, although more natural materials, wicker shades in wheat colours, for example, are also worth checking out. And relax.

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Given a little thought, it’s possible to work mustard yellow into pretty much any interior design and into any space throughout the home. So, whether you’re going for a formal look or something more relaxed and cosier, use mustard yellow wisely and it will uplift the space, bringing bags of brightness, energy and warmth into your life.

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