Colour With Confidence 2021

Splash of Spring Colour 

With the arrival of Spring we’re feeling energised and excited to bring this sense of optimism and light into our homes. And what better way than with a splash of colour.  

Deciding to take the plunge and bring some spring colour into the home can be a bit daunting, so we’re taking a look at how the experts do it.

Alternatively, no time for paint brushes and masking tape? Give your home instant colour with our Infuse Colour spring lighting range. Here you'll find our fun Jondog Table Lamp in high-gloss metallic pink, our super-popular tassel Nabella pendant in teal as well as easy-fit pendants and shades in a range of new colours to give an instant hit of colour.  

Sunny Yellow 

You may well be using the photography rule of thirds in crafting your gorgeous Instagram squares. Well, you'll be pleased to know that this ratio of three also applies perfectly to colour in the home, allowing you to add blush, tints and splashes with just the right balance.

So, what is the 60:30:10 colour rule?

The go-to rule when looking for an interior design recipe is the 60:30:10 ratio. You pick three colours that make up the ratio and generally it is recommended that you start with one that you love and the other colours will fall out of that. Spiced Honey is Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, so if you're unsure where to start then this is goer. 

 This warm amber shade has been chosen to reflect a new mood of positivity and optimism – a desire to ‘let the light in’.

60% - this will be the dominant colour of ‘fixed' items, such as walls, floor and larger pieces of furniture. A neutral colour creates a sense of calm and allows for strong accent colours. A strong dominant colour creates a statement and brings contrast to pieces.

30% - this supports the dominant colour and is a similar hue, but is used in 'non-fixed' items such as curtains rugs, throws and lights. Look at our new lighting to add a splash of on-trend colour. 

10% - this accent colour should add contrast to the rest of the room, even if it is black or white. It needs to be distributed evenly across the space and generally used in smaller items that can easily be switched-up, like cushion covers, ornaments, candles and of course lights also. Yellow hues - from sunny marigold and soothing pastels to muted mustard and ochres - are a great choice for your accent colour, especially paired with a grey dominant theme.  

Our popular Camden Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp now comes with the season's fresh Mustard Yellow Aspen Shade. Table and floor lamps are a great way of injecting colour without having to commit to changing fixed items 

Yellow and grey are a dreamy combination for injecting spring newness and we can't get enough of our Kimsa Table Lamp, in concrete, chrome and grey Eimer shade with a hint of ochre shinning through 

Youthful White 

90% white and 10% colour is the ‘of the moment’ colour rule and is particularly great for if you're a colour virgin. Yet at the same time, it also appeals to anyone wanting to create a confident and bold approach to colour, using a strong hue for the accent 10%. 

Start with creating a foundation of 90% white. This can be broken up by layering in different textures. Once you have this youthful canvas, it is time to add some personality. Use soft furnishings, artwork, photographs to add just 10% of your chosen colour.  We’re loving the subtle calmness of blush pink at the moment!

Add textures in white with our new-in Banda pendant (also avaiable in copper) and is a great way to play with light £10.99 

Our Curva Pendant Shade in white is popular for bedrooms and living rooms £29.99

Considerations when picking colour:

  • Consider the room that you’re decorating and the use of that room. Is it multi-functional? Will it be used for both working, entertaining and relaxing?  
  • For high traffic spaces such as hallways, choose colours from paint ranges that are durable, wipeable and high opacity.  For kitchens, there are grease-resistant colour palettes to choose from.  
  • What mood(s) do you want to achieve? Relaxing, energising, soothing, calming, invigorating? 
  • Take inspiration from the colours that you choose to wear and trust your gut instinct. How does a colour make you feel.

Head over to Instagram to get your creative juices flowing. 

Consider what issues a space has and see if your choice of colour can offer a solution. For example, if your kitchen is at the back of the house and has little space, choose bright colours. If you’re decorating a north-facing room, which can feel cool, consider warmer tones to give a more comforting and welcoming ambiance.

Consider any favourite furniture or home accessory pieces that are important to the room and pick out a colour from these that you can build your scheme around. 

Don’t forget to test your final colours on the wall to see how they change throughout the day, from a bright morning light into the afternoon and through to a warm evening light.

Colour Crush

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